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Rap Music Is More Than Just Music

Rap music made its way to the traditional music around the late 70's to the early 80's. The roots of rap music to trace the history, centuries before there was hip-hop back in American history, where griots or West African folk poets used to deliver their stories in a rhythmic tone accompanied by drums and other rare instruments.

It's a style that stays aside all the trends in the music of others. Be not dismayed, but a little deeper. The reason is that it is a reflection of the race, the plurality of people united by roots and origin. Rap is the culture of Afro-Americans, the continuation of their language and traditions.  

Rap is a mixture of voice and music, in fact, the word music and beat, it's better to say. And when we say people are united by music, which means that each human being on this planet, rap unites the family of blood through the music and everyone is welcome or be hostile to a newcomer.

Rap is classified as the urban poetry of lyrical resistance. This is not music for the village like country music. It is the power of gathering those united by music in big cities. The aim is to resist the grieves because accidents are more dramatic and numerous in urban areas.

Rap is not only talking about the mind and emotions, but he speaks to the communities around humans for humans. If the words or the courage to say these words are not there, the subconscious takes over and rap lyrics kick in.

Some songs have innocent words that emphasize the mind for later release in cold water. Some choruses are catchy and when sung by some of the artist remains in the subconscious long after. Various rappers have unique voices that some people find attractive, or the same song as the tone of your voice, what would it be easier to sing.

First goes the beat, and then moves to the letter. It is so soft and tender as classical music, not as bright as pop, but it is a cry of pain of real emotion of the hardness of the world. You could even say that rap is the most pain expressed a style of music. Those who sing or say it is better to read relive their feelings not only about love, like most other forms do. His message is about life and issues, particularly those of Afro-Americans. The music of pain and oppression, rap is a remedy to it.

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