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A Slice Introduction To Meditation Music

Meditation music means music that played with or listened to during meditation, meditation music performance, or music which is meditative.

Meditation music is the language of the soul and connects directly to the heart and soul of the listeners, regardless of words or language that expressed in. Music, even in alien words and sounds, cast its spell. The secret of its universal appeal probably lies in the tune, tone, pitch, notes, melody, diction, rhyme and rhythm that make up the soul or the heart of the music and make the language almost redundant.

A truly inspirational music is almost a substitute for meditation. Like meditation, it transports the listener to another world. The only difference is that if we have to make conscious efforts to reach a state of meditation, inspirational music brings us right on its wings. It focuses diffused thoughts at one point which is its central theme. And if vocal music coincide with our meditation, it's a double blessings.

Meditation music is composed around many themes. No need to sit down in a certain posture at a specific time to meditate. Everyone could meditate while walking on in a crowded market, driving or traveling in a bus or an airplane. With iPod contains the music and the headphones are plugged into the ears, which prevents the mind wander aimlessly, but is constantly reminded that we are a peaceful and quiet soul with its duty in this world while our minds is connected to the supreme soul. For a non-believer, the music evokes the soul to remain calm and detached but keep blissful even in tense circumstances.

Various themes that the meditation music is composed of build similar states of mind. Meditation music can promote constant awareness and alertness with detachment which may culminate in keeping aware, alert and calm even when the soul leaves the body. 

Ancient Indian classical music was famed to be so powerful that it could influence the elements of nature. 

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