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Great Tips On Finding The Finest Microphones For Your Recording

There are many options for aspiring musicians to record their songs. You may consider having someone burn a CD for you or you may go to a professional recording studio session. There is however another option. You may want to consider creating your own studio in your own home. A good option is to purchase a microphone with an USB port. These kinds of microphones connected easily to your laptop and are rather affordable. Getting an USB microphone for your home recording studio can be one of the most cost-effective ways to reproduce professional audio sound. 

Condenser mics are probably the most popular mics you will find in a recording studio. These mics can pick up a lot of sound. They also have a very good high-frequency response. You often find these used for vocal microphones, drum microphones, and any instrument that requires ambient sound. You'll find that a lot of condenser microphones are used when recording vocals. Most artists record vocals through a large diaphragm condenser microphone because they are a little less harsh than a dynamic mic, can be smoother sounding and have a broader frequency range. 

The typical way to get around these limitations would be to have someone walking around with a wireless mic to field audience questions, or to install a microphone array. An array is essentially a group of vocal microphones working in tandem and strategically placed throughout the room. These mics would then be attached to a computer so that the signals can be collected and assembled into a coherent form. This is a good solution in that both the lecturer and the audience can be recorded, but there's a tradeoff in the complexity of the setup. 

The newest array microphone technology addresses these limitations. It's now possible to have a number of closely spaced vocal microphone elements located within the same device. Given the fixed position of each element, digital signal processing (DSP) of each signal source can create "virtual" microphones with complex virtual polar patterns that provide the ability to zero in on, or to reject particular sound sources. 

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