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The Epiphone Viola Bass

The Epiphone Viola Bass harkens back to the glory days of the British Invasion with modern touches that distinguish it from the similarly shaped vintage model.
From the golden age of British music comes the classic “violin” style, semi-hollow body Viola bass. The small body with classical lines gives the Viola Bass a vintage British look, but it has a uniquely modern sound, thanks to its lightweight construction and dual mini-humbuckers. Combined with its short scale length (30.5”) and a comfortable 1.65” width nut, the Viola is a bass that can be played all night long with very little effort. Being semi-hollow, the bass also has a nice, natural acoustic tone that is enhanced with amplification but can be heard without as well.
The laminated maple body is topped with a flame maple top with a rosewood-topped set maple neck rounding out the basic feature set. The Viola Bass boasts a pair of mini humbuckers to handle the amplification with chrome hardware accents.
The lightweight body is also a plus, making the Viola Bass perfect for long stage gigs. Plus, the sound of the Viola Bass is very much like the sound we've heard on some of the most famous recordings of all time. These tones are provided by a pair of mini humbuckers similar to those on the original.

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