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The Way To Transfer Music Using A Casette To MP3 Converter

Technology has really changed the way the world works. This is especially true when it comes to music. It wasn't too long ago when radios were the most popular thing to use to listen to music. Records were also popular, then audio cassettes changed the world only to be replaced by Cd's.

Nowadays you'll find Mp3 players which are the dimensions of a person's thumb, and 1000s of songs are stored within them. This can be great, but one problem that many run into is they may have all of this music on cassettes, nevertheless they can't do a thing about it. However, this is simply not true, a cassette to mp3 converter will certainly help make it real easy to transfer the music on a cassette to your computer and then onto a cd. This article will give details on how it's done.

First thing that should be done is every cassette one has should be found. The cassette to mp3 converter software package should be downloaded in order to make this whole thing go smoothly. It is important to ensure that all you will be using is available so that you can make this happen. The good thing is that not a lot is needed. The software program is on the computer, so that all people need is their cassettes and cassette player.

After everything has been gathered up a cassette should be put inside the cassette player. Then, the cassette should be positioned to the song you want using rewind or fast-forward so that it's all set to go when the play button is pushed. Then, the red and white cords on the RCA needs to be plugged into the output jacks on the cassette player. The opposite end of the cord must be plugged into your laptop or desktop computer sound card. Then, the cassette to mp3 converter software application should be opened.

After the cassette to mp3 converter software program has been opened the record button should be pressed followed by the play button on the cassette player. After the desired song is done playing the stop button should be pressed on both the software program as well as the cassette player. The file should then be saved on the computer simply by clicking on the 'File' button and then the 'Save' button. Any editing that needs to be done can now be done, but this usually isn't necessary. Now the song is on the computer, and it is ready to be transferred to an MP3 player! I hope this article has been beneficial to those with cassette tapes who want to put the music on them onto an MP3 player. It's really that easy! 

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