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How To Enhance Your Music

Many times you require a change in the way you look at music. Sometimes you need to start a routine. If you are feeling that what your are doing musically needs a lift, why not step back for a while and do something a little different. It is definitely a great idea to take a quick breather and explore brand new things in order to sharpen yourself.

Here are a few ideas...

1. Change Your Focus. If you or your kid are already in lessons you may think about making a change in the music you're currently studying. Go with something more light-hearted or select a theme. The theme could be based on something that is going on in your life such as understanding new songs to play at camp or a current interest like music from movies of your favorite actor. Just step back, make use of your imagination and allow yourself to experience new and different stuff.

2. Change Your Mindset. Take some time to clear out some of your inhibitions about music. It's not an overnight process, but you can easily discover a lot more freedom by taking a look at things that could be holding you back like memories of being criticized. Try to approach your music from a mindset of letting go and having fun. That in itself will take some practice, but it can be done.

3. Learn a New Instrument. Whether or not it is your very first time or you play everything out there, learning a new instrument can be great fun. Yes, you will have to practice, but learning is fun. Just spend some time with the instrument. After you've lived with the instrument a while you can decide if you want to go further or leave it as a whimsical diversion.

4. Liberate That Old Instrument. Have you ever played a musical instrument inside the high school band? Pull it out and have some fun with it. Don't critique yourself to death. Remember you are doing this for your own enjoyment. Find a place to play. There are groups that let in people of all levels. You should know that playing with a group of individuals can definitely help you get back in shape a lot quicker.

5. Create Your Own Opportunities. You will probably have to produce your very own opportunities, especially if you live within a rural place. You don't have to start your own music group, but you could have reading party or a jam session. This was very popular in the days before recorded music. You could do it one time or create a club. Just make sure it is a no pressure event.

Your musical diversion does not need to be hard. Take a slightly different path and see where you end up. It's all about having more music in your life. 

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