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Get A Clue: Becoming The Next Biggest Singer

by Corey Wilson

First off if you want to become a better singer you've got to, "get a clue." What I mean by that is you have to learn some basic information, then gradually increase your studies. My philosophy is if you want to be the next best anything you have to be equal to or greater than what is already out there.

Now, how do you expect me to do that? I'm glad you asked. You have to know what kind of singer you want to be for example; a mainstream performing artist, or an underground independent artist. With both mainstream, and underground you need some basic essentials.

Here are some examples of some of the things you may need. You may find that some of them are common sense, but some people need to understand that you can't get to far in the industry without them. For example; vocal training (regardless of your skill level), you need to study the business, take songwriting classes, get a manager, get a lawyer, start recording, and shop your music.

With mainstream artist after you've taken those basic steps everything depends on if the major labels want you or not. Now for an underground artist its a little different. After your lawyer copyrights your finished music for you, all you need to is duplicate it then distribute it. You can distribute it to mom and pop stores, or directly to your customers. You can also sell them at the shows your manager has set up for you.

Throughout everything you go through on your journey remember one thing, "don't let anyone tell you that you can't make it". Use people's negative comments as motivation to drive you to the next level. Also always critique yourself, you can even have listening parties to get feedback on how you are progressing. Remember this is a journey and if you are at ground level there will always be people that will try to put you down, but if you stay focused how can you lose. "I may not climb the whole mountain but I'll die with dirt under my fingernails."-- T.D. Jakes

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